Catholic Shrines Near Boston

Virgin Mary is a very prominent figure in the Catholic church. Many Christians 
go to Catholic shrines, as a way of showing their devotion to the Blessed 
Virgin Mary. These include different places where the apparitions of the 
Blessed Mother are said to have occurred. These shrines even draw fascination 
from even the non-devotees because of the mysticism that surrounds them. Most people 
have attested that these sites are miraculous because they have been touched by 
the presence of a supernatural and holy being. Let us at some of the most 
popular Catholic shrines near Boston.

Salette Shrine
Salette Shrine located Attleboro, was first opened in 1953 in commemoration of 
Blessed Mary’s apparition in 1846, in La Salette, France. During Christmas, 
this shrine is graced by more than 750,000 visitors from all over the world who 
come to see more than 300,000 lights that decorate one of that region’s largest 
holiday displays. All year-round this shrine is worth visiting due its many 
flowering gardens, stations of the cross and Holy Stairs. There are 11 ethnic 
groups who observe their special days here at this shrine. There are all kinds 
of retreats, services, daily Masses, and as well as a cafeteria and a gift 

Madonna Queen Shrine
Shrine was first established by the Don Orione Fathers in the year 1954, and it 
overlooks Logan Airport. The shrine was built to fulfill the desires 
of Don Orione, for works of charity and there would be works of faith. The 
statue of Blessed Mary which is 35-foot-high was built by an Italian-Jewish 
sculptor by the name Arrigo Minerbi free of charge, as a way of thanking Don 
Orione Fathers for protection against persecution by the Nazis.

Anne’s Shrine
can think of this as a pilgrimage. This Shrine located on Isle La Motte, Vt, 
sits picturesquely on the Lake Champlain and is a place of peace and 
tranquility. Rustic grottos and stations of the cross dot the pine-laden ground 
, and for outdoors folks, they have a camping area for pilgrims.

Joseph the Worker Shrine
shrine in Lowell was the first parish to be established in the city in the hope 
of serving French-speaking Canadian immigrants who worked in the city’s mills. 
The shrine is graced by many people all year round with approximately 100,000 
people a year.

Lady of Fatima Shrine
Shrine in Holliston is said to have the biggest rosary in the world, being 900-foot-long, 
with a blessed string of boulders, well fastened by a marine chain and then 
tethered to an anchor.The shrine also includes 
Calvary Hill, stations of the cross, Madonna Hill, a grotto, a peace 
angel and a cemetery,

to Catholic shrines is not a new concept altogether. Many people have been 
going to these shrines for a very long time. Previously, those who wanted to go 
went in a group with the view of making their spiritual journey secure and 
safe. As of today, you may wish to go alone or in a group. If you want to go to 
a Catholic shrine, find an agency or a 
tour operator that will help you in every way they can to make a meaningful trip for you.