What is the Communion of Saints in Catholicism?

The word “communion” means “an instance or 
act of sharing.” When the Apostles’ Creed talks of the “Communion of the 
saints,” it doesn’t restrict that to the Lord’s Supper or the Holy Communion where 
believers come together to commemorate Jesus’s sacrifice through the wine and 
the bread. The communion of the saints is deeper than this ordinance.

The communion of the saints incorporates 
the believers in the past, believers in this present era, and believers in the 
years to come. The believers share a common salvation in the Savior, the Lord 
Jesus Christ. Believers who have passed on from this world with their faith in 
Christ, are termed to have the same salvation as the present believers who are 
alive today. Also, those who will come after the current believers will have 
the same salvation that we have.

The communion of saints is what every 
believer of Christ share in common. Together, they believe that through his 
death and resurrection they have been forgiven and saved by Jesus’s life, set 
from death and law of sin, and will pass the spiritual death to eternal life. 
The death and resurrection of Christ made them permanent children of God. They 
also believe that they are God’s tools and workers to do the good deeds as 
those of Christ the Lord. After good service on earth, believers know that they 
will be given an eternal home in the New Jerusalem where they will live with 
the Lord. These are just but a few blessings that believers have in common.

Here are five communions:

Communions in the faith
This is the faith 
of Catholic Church that they received from the apostles.

Communion of charisms
These refer to the 
”manifestations given by the Holy Spirit for the common good of 

Communion of the Sacraments
link all the faithful believers to each other, and together they remember the 
body of Christ that was presented as a form of salvation.

Communion of common goods
All Christians 
share in the belief that they should be agents of good deeds. It is their 
responsibility to be the salt of the world.

Communion in Charity
The communion of 
saints believes in oneness. In that, if one member suffers, everyone suffers 
because all believers are just but parts of the same body. In the same way, if 
one member is honored, all believers rejoice together.

The concept and idea of 
the communion of saints are linked with Apostle Paul’s teaching that all 
Christians form a single body. You can find these teachings in 1st Corinthians 
12 and Romans 12;4-13.

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